Diadie, Soumaila et les autres

Snapshots along the path of integration of Diadie and Soumaila, from their arrival in Padua, in the migrant's center, to the obtaining documents and economic and housing autonomy.

We struggle togheter, we live togheter

Questo articolo è il frutto del reportage effettuato nell'estate 2017 insieme a Mattia Alunni Cardinali sul City Plaza di Atene, un hotel occupato e divenuto luogo di accoglienza per rifugiati fino al 2019. L'articolo è pubblicato integralmente qui

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Srebrenica: do not forget

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Every year, on July 11th, the town of Srebrenica changes. A crowd about twice the size of the entire population of the small village counting 15,000 people, pours into Srebrenica where, in 1991, there were 30,000 inhabitants, most of whom Muslims.The Dayton Accords, which marked the end of the war in the Balkans , have left the town in the Republika Srpska, and in 2005 there were only 4,000 Bosniaks.

Srebrenica represents all the contradictions, the unsolved tensions that still characterize the modern-day Bosnia. Nevertheless…