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Diadie, Soumaila et les autres

Snapshots along the path of integration of Diadie and Soumaila, from their arrival in Padua, in the migrant's center, to the obtaining documents and economic and housing autonomy.

Calais: una giungla costruita sulla sabbia

Un viaggio nel mondo del volontariato nel campo profughi più grande d'Europa

A journey into the world of volunteering in the largest refugee camp in Europe

Utopian landscapes

Two realities very distant in space but united by the same human desire to interact with the natural environment through art: Gibellina, a llittle italian town ain Sicily, Italy and Naoshima, the most famous of the Seto Islands, in Japan.


Padova Pride 2018. After 16 years from the National Pride, the demonstration for the pride and visibility of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people returns to Padua..

Playing in Addis

The story of the artistic encounter between Debora Petrina, musician and performer, and Melaku Belay, musician, dancer and choreographer, in Addis Ababa in 2018. L'incontro artistico tra la musicista Debora Petrina e il danzatore etiope Melaku Belay.

Giorgio il pastore (Il figlio di Ulisse)

Il racconto dell'incontro con Giorgios, pastore sui monti di Cefalonia, Grecia.

The story of the meeting with Giorgios, shepherd in the mountains of Kefalonia, Greece.

We'll come United

A short photographic tale of the squatted "City Plaza" Hotel in Athens, and the stories of the refugees who have found hospitality there. Un breve racconto dell'Hotel occupato "City Plaza" di Atene, e delle storie dei rifugiati che vi abitano

Casa dei Diritti "Don Gallo"

La Casa dei Diritti "Don Gallo" di Padova è un edificio occupato da migranti esclusi dal circuito dell'accoglienza. The "Don Gallo" House of Rights in Padua is a building occupied by migrants excluded from the welcoming circuit.

Srebrenica 1995-2015

The July 11, 2015 has been commemorated in Srebrenica, the twentieth anniversary of one of the worst massacre that occurred in the Mediterranean area after the Second World War. La commemorazione del 20° anniversario del genocidio di Srebrenica.